What is the Best Pixelmon Team?

Last updated on December 9th, 2016.

What is the best Pixelmon team? One of the oldest questions in the Pokédex. Well, me and my good friends Pyranna and Rodge decide to tackle this challenge, and go list our favorite Pixelmon. Please remember that this list is made out of our own opinions. Feel free to leave your thoughts, and suggestions in the comment, along with your own favorite pokemon!

The following list is not in any specific order, and consists of non-legendary, extremely powerful Pixelmon – all that we can find in the mod. To see a list of all available Pokemon in the Pixelmon mod, click here.

The Best Pixelmon Team


The best starter-evolution by far, this beast on the battlefield has a great attack stat. Additionally, this Water/Ground type has only one weakness: Grass. Due to Grass not being a common type anyway, switching between Pixelmon often is not necessary. Additionally, Swampert is capable of learning Ice Beam which will cover that weakness either way. With the ability to learn superior moves like Take Down, Earthquake, or Muddy Water, this Pixelmon can take down foes fairly easily.


One of the rarer Pixelmon on the list, Dragonite is the perfect banded sweeper. A very diverse Pokémon, and having a base attack of 134, this guy can be trained as a hard hitter, or a longlasting tank. Having the ability to learn moves like Earthquake, or Wing Attack, make this fan favorite a very valuable addition to any team. However, if you find that your Dragonite is too slow for your team – consider Salamence. Almost equal in stats and moves, the differences lie only in that Salamence has less bulk, more speed, and does not yet have the ability to learn Dragon Dance. Either Pokemon would make a great addition to the best Pixelmon team.


Extremely underestimated sweeper who has been sitting in the NU bracket for years. Due to recent changes and the addition of the Sturdy Ability, Golem is far more than capable of actually sweeping an entire team. With the mixture of moves like Earthquake, Rock Throw, and Rock Polish, Golem can outspeed any other Ground Type in his category. Don’t underestimate someone who is willing to give this original Rock type a try, and altogether Golem is one of the best pokemon in pixelmon.


An often overlooked Pixelmon, it is a Poison/Dark type. Meaning it has only ONE weakness. That mixed with an ability like Fling and a Toxic Orb meaning that this Pixelmon doesn’t even need to carry a move like Toxic. Capable of replacing that slot with a move like Venoshock. It can also learn wonderful moves like Earthquake, Crunch, and many more. It’s singular typing weakness means that it doesn’t have to worry about any type at all. Save for it’s x2 weakness to Ground.


This great Bug/Fire type is like a mini legendary; it has a great special attack, defense and speed (though it does have a huge weakness to Electric). Plus, with one Quiver Dance, any Volcarona user knows that it can sweep a whole team, instantly. Volcarona is one of the best pokemon available, and is definitely worth a try for any player.


As one of the most powerful Psychic Pixelmon, and overall one of the best pokemon, this mysterious creature has one of the highest special attack and speed’s in the game. It can learn some of the best Psychic moves, like Psychic, Future Sight, etc. This pixelmon also has the ability to learn a large variety of different type moves, such as Grass, Electric, Dark, Ghost, etc.


An unexpected boss, this Pixelmon is one of the best, with it’s legendary-like defenses, this tank can last a long while. Additionally, he only has one weakness- Fighting. Even with moves like Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, or Solarbeam, you’ll have a tough time defeating this giant. He can easily take out other Pixelmon with moves like Crunch. Overall, this king adds a huge defensive and offensive boost to any team. A great addition to the best Pixelmon team.


Alright folks, that’s a basic list of the best pixelmon team, in our personal opinions. In case you’ve been counting, you’ll notice I’ve listed seven Pokémon – this is because all these current Pixelmon are almost equally powerful, and it allows you to switch out or simply use what you prefer, in terms of Pokémon typing (fire team, water team, etc). Additionally, remember that simply catching good Pixelmon is not the end of your training. You must level up these Pixelmon, and as you go on, learn more methods of training such as EV training. So go have fun, and be sure to test these teams out in single player in the wild, or even against your friend on your favorite pixelmon servers! I hope you enjoyed, and as usual, please do leave feedback of what you think in the comments!

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50 Responses

  1. akram1235 says:

    Wow, nice team set-up. It’s very original, I haven’t seen this team in action yet but probably work really well.

  2. killermap321 says:

    Thanks for the ideas – the team worked very well for me. However a quick suggestion, maybe use a Lapras instead of a Swampert, because the Ice typing is very useful… keep the posts coming!

  3. jupiter1936 says:

    I love this team and if I start playing pixelmon I will definely try to get this team

  4. smallman3 says:

    Nice team man i love it. But one thing i for some reason love fire types, so which fire type can i switch in for which pixelmon? Pls tell me

  5. vyctorle says:

    maybe the water types is good to i love water tyes

    • Tranzitions says:

      2 good water types are moxie gyarados and water absorb lapras (running attack with waterfall with dragon dance or a good sp attack ice beam and surf

  6. fire type master says:

    Crunch is better. Same attack power as sucker punch but two differences: 1. More pp and 2. Has a chance of lowering defense.

  7. CoolGuy828282 says:

    Great team! I might have to try it out one of these days! But…… here’s my current team I find VERY porewful-
    Volcarona-Bug/Fire type. Learns good moves and is unexpected.
    Dragonite/Salamence-GREAT Dragon types. Both are very powerful.
    Gengar-Ghost/Poison type. Fast and Learns VERY good moves naturally, like Destiny Bond
    Metagross-Steel/Psychic type. A total tank the learns VERY good moves.
    Kyogre/Lapras-Water,Water/Ice types. I recommend Kyogre but if you cant get a Legendary, go with Lapras.
    Jolteon-Very, VERY fast Pokémon. And a powerful Electric type as well

    • This is what I have currently on my friend’s server:
      Swampert – Amazing Power, Great Moves
      Breloom – Underestimated, it is SUPER strong with it’s fighting type moves
      Drapion – Great Sweeper, especially because I got a Swords Dance TM from a boss
      Arcanine/Chandelure – Both Strong
      Flygon/Golem/Krookodile – IDK WHICH ONE! 😛
      Luxray – Pretty Mediocre Physical Attacker, only Electric type I could find

  8. David says:

    Well, Nice team set but for me the best teams Are : Dragonite, Gengar, Jolteon, Salamance, Metagross, and (What team do u want, your choice) But me it a fire type Blaziken (one of the best fire type)

  9. MajesticMags says:

    Just one thing. Volcarona has no weakness to electric, as it is bug type.It would do neutral damage

  10. pheffer noose says:

    there are 7 pixelmon listed…

  11. Piekid34 says:

    I will try out this team later today

  12. Cake says:

    I think cloyster should be in here, He’s an amazing tank for any team. he has access to 2 amazing moves (ice shard and rock whatever it is xD) and can easily one-hit a dragonite. he has his weaknesses but he can use ice on grass, and rock on electric. And you can use a good strat to prevent any op jolteons or whatever.

  13. Cake says:

    Try moxie honchkrow too. make sure he has night daze tho. ev train him in atk and speed.

    • Tranzitions says:

      If you want moxie run a high attack gyardos or salamance due to a focus sash and dragon dance with their really high base stats they could easily sweep other teams and both can learn high dmg moves like outrage just in case or earthquake to take out those electric types

  14. I would get rid of the Golem, honestly, and replace it with a faster pokemon such as Weavile (is it on pixelmon?) or maybe a good old Blaziken? I do understand it is opinion though. Breloom can learn spore, so it would be an excellent choice as well.

  15. Wait, Volcorona doesn’t have weakness to electric!

  16. X5ASEBomb5X says:

    I use Dragonite, Jolteon with shadow ball, Scizor, Mismagius, Kingdra, and Lucario Its a very good team and P.S. Salamance is crap. Also golem nope horrible. Plus please don’t use a swampert on a public server it can be 1 shoted by an ice beam from my Kingdra. Please read this comment and use this info Thank you P.S. Go on the server karprebbelion.com it’s a new epic server with shiny starters and great training and staff

  17. Bluster says:

    Just me , but I think a gengar will be a better choice than Alabaman just me

    • Tranzitions says:

      Thing about that is gengar doesnt have a good move pool and runs by chance with moves like dream eater and hypnosis on the other hand alakzam can have high sp attack and use psychic and have signal beam to take out those dark types plus its pure psychic so u can narrow down the weaknesses

  18. Cobra711 says:

    I think you should use Reunclus or whatever his name was, instead of Snorlax, he gets very high health, he’s Psychic type and we all know Psychic types are really strong, I don’t know if him or his pre-evolve forms ALWAYS have recover or SOMETIMES have the move recover, you wanna get one with the move recover, and is tanky in some ways like his nature is in defence and stuff like that, that’s the pokemon I use as MY tank, he can easily kill levels in like 50-60 while he’s level 48 or something, because of his Psychic powers and his Recover move he’s more tanky than Snorlax, AND deals MUCH more damage.

  19. Quark says:

    Great team, heliolisk would be a good fit. Being a electric ground he loses his ground issue and has good special attack. He can learn good moves such as thunderbolt, earthquake and rock slide

  20. Orphan Crippler says:

    Gliscor is pretty good. Lots of times people forget electric doesn’t affect him. Most of my top choices are on this list, but gliscor is alright. Chandelure can be alright, and his ability can be flame body, so as far as flame body Pokemon go, chandelure may be your best bet.

  21. Dale says:

    I use a
    And Ryperror
    What should I use for 6?

  22. Tyjai says:

    The real best is tyranitar

  23. MasterOD says:

    That’s an Awesome team just 1 thing I would use Blastoise instead of spwampert just for the fact that Blastoise probably has the best stats layout of all the starters but like spwampert is your opinion blastoise is mine so keep the good ideas coming!

  24. Mrburger says:

    My team is







  25. Jas says:

    can someone make a guide with legendaries because i have them all but i still get destroyed when battling with my friends email me or just reply please THX

  26. Jas says:

    can you make one with legendaries

  27. Geniritar says:

    1. Tyrinitar OP 2.Golduck Very good 3.Dragonair Desint and strong 4.Snorlax or tauros Both op 5.Gengar OP 6.Volcarona or Charizard Good moves and very good

  28. JackGaming says:

    how about

  29. NeonSlayer says:

    i dont think this team is good i lost every battle with it i suggest use dragonite, joltion, gengar, alakazam, titranatar and kabutops

  30. leon says:

    guys get ursaring it’s op with hamer arm and slash plus get snore and rest so when it’s in low health use rest and then use snore when it wake up us slash. PS get ursaring with the ability quick feet and put on it toxic orb when it’s poison it gets fast and almost one shot ok every thing and it’s a normally type so it has one weakness

  31. leon says:

    i mean norrmal type and it’s op

  32. Boss says:

    Megagross jolteon ninetales salbeye porygon2 and swampert
    Metagross can fly if you mount him

  33. xd says:

    i would recommend blissey instead of snorlax cause blissey haves more hp and higher defenses and go with salamance not dragonite

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