The Omega Minecraft Mansion

Last updated on December 8th, 2016.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the…

Omega Minecraft Mansion!

Built on Map 2 of the Tekkro Gaming Network, this high quality living quarters, large storage facility, and functioning farm was built by your one and only OmegaTronz!

Starting from the very beginning, he and his friend akram1235 knew that a large protective shelter was essential to success on a pixelmon server. OmegaTronz made the claims, and started the foundations, while his friend roamed the land in search of sticks and stones. Their plans to go big started right from the beginning, Omega voting more and more to get more land to claim. Though the demands were harsh, akram1235 didn’t fail to meet the amount of materials necessary for such a magnificent built.

A rough version of the bottom floor was complete within the first few days, and was substantial living space for a while. But soon they realized that it was impossible to survive without one of the most essential facilities – an apricorn farm. Needing more and more pokeballs to catch tougher and tougher pixelmon, the two decided that it was time to expand. Akram made the obvious suggestion – a simple backyard farm, with rows of apricorns that would be easy to collect, and easy to replant. But OmegaTronz wouldn’t settle for any starter layaway farm – he had planted in his mind the idea of… a greenhouse!

Getting back to hard work, the two resumed their jobs, akram1235 roaming for wood, mining for stone, and shoveling for sand. Back at home, Omega took these materials and continued to build a second floor to their already impressive house, going through many obstacles in the dreams of creating the best build in the server. He created foundations of oak logs, lined the walls with stone bricks and sandstone, and filled in large gaps with glass. Deciding to go bold with this floor, Omega decided to make room for some fresh air, and built a fabulous balcony on which they could observe and stare at the beautiful scenery and pixelmon around them, from Mareeps and Miltanks roaming the grassy fields, to Fearows ruling the blue skies.

Once the second floor was completed, OmegaTronz and akram1235 decided to make their greenhouse, and complete their pixelmon minecraft mansion. They decided that they were going to stop expaning upwardshere, so a nice roof to finish the house off was extremely important. They decided to use oak stairs, and the search for wood was back on. Meanwhile, Omega tried to find a way to make walls for their fabulous greenhouse, when he realized that nothing gives off more nature than the sun. He lined the walls with nothing but glass, and the roof he lined with glowstone. When they finally finished off the glamorous roof, the house was complete. They left it as it was, filling the interiors with PC’s, chests, trading machines, crafting tables, fossil cleaners, furnaces, fossil machines, enchantment tables, cloning machines, and more!

That’s when they realized that even their huge minecraft mansion wasn’t enough for all this stuff they had acquired. The house was made so well that it would be a very tedious and complicated process to break the roof and expand upwards. So Omega decided to do the next best thing… build downwards. A basement was perfect for everything they had, an entrance to the huge row of tunnels that created their mine, an area for storage that could be expanded infitely, and none of it was visible to the usual passerby’s eye. The dynamic duo took their diamond picks and diamond shovels, and made their way downwards, destroying all stone, dirt, and gravel in sight. When they reached deep enough, they started outlining the walls with cobblestone and sandstone, then placed chests all around. It was already amazing when they took it a step further and moved their enchantment table downstairs, creating a booth with little bookshelves around it as well.

A redstoner for years, OmegaTronz took to taking their basement up a notch – with secret painting doors, levers in the most hard-to-find places that would open up to huge tunnels of secret rooms, and more. For the fun of it, Omega kept this little endeavor a secret from his friend, planning to surprise him later on.

When all was done and well, the two went outside and decided their fabulous house was complete. Later some little decor was slowly added, such as a grand backyard garden, a little dock house and fishing stand in the lake outside the house, and more. To visit this house, simply head to the Tekkro Pixelmon Server (, and find either OmegaTronz, or akram1235. The End.

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  1. akram1235 says:

    Lol such a nice story about our minecraft mansion! And thx for acknowledging my help Omega.

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