Pixelmon Party!

Last updated on December 8th, 2016.

It’s a Pixelmon Party!

People¬†like us love partying. I bet Pixelmon do too. So, I took a trip to my Pixelmon home server, Tekkro. I went around to Map 2 and 5 (the most populated at the time), and asked people to come take a photo with me in a pixelmon party. Of course, everyone did. Then we brought out the Pixelmon. Thanks to everyone who participated in these photos, and it was fun going around seeing everyones amazing Pixelmon. Let’s hope I do it later again, and maybe get by to the other maps as well. Enjoy the gallery of pictures!

3 Responses

  1. KiaraMacD says:

    I enjoyed it. Thanks for the fun! ūüôā


  2. bolt guy 101 says:

    I how do you trow a pokeball

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