What is Pixelmon?

Pixelmon is a mod for Minecraft which adds hundreds of Pokémon, items, gear, and more. You can train, explore and much more, just like in real Pokémon!

Before I get this blog going, let me start with an introduction. I’m a hardcore Minecraft player, been here since the Alpha days. With all these new modded packs, I’ve taken a liking to numerous, one of my favorites being “Pixelmon“. A well-made hybrid combination of both the hugely popular Pokémon, and the equally famous Minecraft, this mod combines the best of both worlds. The server I primarily play this on is that of the Tekkro Network, which combines the fun of multiplayer with the fun of Pixelmon. I’ve climbed the ladders to Moderator there, and have been playing for a while now. It’s great, and very fun. But that’s about it to sum y’all up on me. About this blog, I’ll mainly be telling stories and more about my progress on the server, and how far I get on my many adventures. Stay tuned for more, and I hope you enjoy!

If you’d like to play Pixelmon with me, but don’t know how, simply view my easy tutorial on how to play Pixelmon here!

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